Jyi Lawton

I am a proud descendant of the Bidjara people of Central Queensland with a passion in creating a culture of innovation through art. I use art to take people on a journey to educate and instil cultural knowledge, wisdom and principles into action, through an Aboriginal worldview. I am an award winning contemporary, Aboriginal visual artist, using predominantly mixed media on canvas as a medium of storytelling; just as my ancestors have done before me through an oral history of hundreds of generations. My works have featured in many public exhibitions, and I have worked alongside a range of clients including local Aboriginal community, students and young people, government, not for profit agencies, and leading international law firms.

I am the founder and practising artist of Yimbana, a cultural creative design agency. Yimbana is a Bidjara word loosely translated to English meaning: to listen, understand and learn. Yimbana's vision is to create a culture of innovation, through the wisdom of cultural knowledge to walk together to create a better future.

Translation of Knowledge

Jyi Lawton 2017
600mm x 300mm
Acrylic on canvas

Imagine if you will, a society that embraced the knowledge, wisdom, experience and intelligence developed over hundreds of generations embodied in Indigenous culture, for that knowledge to be shared to benefit not only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, but people of all cultures.

This artwork reflects that notion with the central focus being Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander knowledge, perspective and worldview being the underpinning principle that can be seen throughout the central part of the artwork. The artwork then reflects the translation of that cultural knowledge, incorporating both modern and traditional methods, sharing knowledge for effective, positive action that benefits the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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